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  • Thoughtful Young Professional Designer Sits at His Desk and Looks onto Big City out of His Windows, Contemplating Next Steps in Finishing Project, Writes Down His Ideas. Handsome Professional Working

    Deal Desk is the platform for price-savvy entrepreneurs

    Spend less time worrying and more time making deals with the Deal Desk Premium Plan, on sale $99 for a limited time. Image: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock When you need to find investment capital or are looking for partnerships to help spur growth, a Deal Desk Premium Plan can be a significant asset. Deal Desk is an […] More

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    Businesses need simple online purchasing, too: Balance makes that happen

    Balance is turning the three-month B2B purchasing window into a 20-second, one-click transaction. Image: cameravit/Adobe Stock We’d all feel very differently as consumers about e-commerce if it took a full 90 days to complete a simple online transaction. Today, we’re used to ordering something from Amazon, then getting a notification of the transaction from our […] More

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    Growing e-commerce tech is helping SMBs meet new consumer demands

    Learn how tech companies like ShipStation can improve the logistical capabilities of your business. Image: rocketclips/Adobe Stock The advent of the pandemic has brought about seismic changes to consumer behavior, as quarantining measures early on shifted the way people consume goods. This quickly spurred e-commerce shopping to unexpected levels, launching e-commerce growth to levels  that […] More

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    Podia makes it easy to monetize online courses, coaching and more

    Learn how to use Podia to easily generate revenue on your online services. Image: jenny on the moon/Adobe Stock I spent several years teaching at different universities. I’ve also spent nearly a decade helping other fiction writers navigate the waters of writing. During those periods of my life, I would have greatly benefited from a […] More