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  • The ChatGPT logo on a phone in front of the OpenAI logo.

    OpenAI Debuts ChatGPT Enterprise, Touting Better Privacy for Business

    Data from ChatGPT Enterprise will not be used to train the popular chatbot. Plus, admins can manage access. Image: gguy/Adobe Stock Today, OpenAI released ChatGPT Enterprise, an enterprise-grade version of its popular generative AI chatbot. ChatGPT Enterprise has enhanced security and privacy meant for business use and unlimited access to a high-speed version of ChatGPT‘s […] More

  • Person using a chat AI on their mobile device

    What is GPT-4 & What is it Capable Of?

    Image: LALAKA/Adobe Stock GPT-4 is an artificial intelligence large language model system that can mimic human-like speech and reasoning. It does so by training on a vast library of existing human communication, from classic works of literature to large swaths of the internet. Artificial intelligence of this type builds on its training to predict what […] More

  • Man harnessing a virtual circuited brain with a glowing central processor.

    Salesforce Releases AI Acceptable Use Policy

    Salesforce’s EVP and GM of Industry Clouds Jujhar Singh talks about the focus on a trustworthy foundation that is behind the new policy, as well as the future of generative AI. Image: sdecoret/Adobe Stock Salesforce released a policy governing the use of its AI products, including generative AI and machine learning, on Wednesday. This AI […] More

  • Visual title for 2023 Copilot Guide.

    Microsoft Copilot Cheat Sheet: Complete Guide for 2023

    Image: Mark Kaelin The practical application of generative artificial intelligence has gone from an abstract, future concept to a concrete reality in a matter of mere months. Businesses and organizations large and small are scrambling to figure out if and how AI can help their people be more productive and efficient. For organizations using Microsoft […] More

  • Generative AI and cybersecurity concept.

    Cybersecurity Weapon, But Not Without Adaptable, Creative (Human) Thinkers

    Image: PB Studio Photo/Adobe Stock Generative AI was — not surprisingly — the conversational coin of the realm at Black Hat 2023, with various panels and keynotes mulling the extent to which AI can replace or bolster humans in security operations. Kayne McGladrey. Image: Hyperproof Kayne McGladrey, IEEE Fellow and cybersecurity veteran with more than […] More

  • Flat vector business datacenter technology with cloud computing service concept and developer technician team working concept.

    VMware Explore 2023: Keynote Highlights

    Explore enterprise applications and infrastructure, AI, tools for the remote workforce, machine learning, and more from VMware Explore 2023. Image: Adobe/apinan VMware made several announcements related to new cloud, edge and machine learning services on August 22 at VMware Explore held in Las Vegas. This includes services for accelerated ransomware recovery, a new format for […] More

  • Watsonx Code Assistant Adds COBOL-to-Java Translations on IBM Z

    Watsonx Code Assistant Adds COBOL-to-Java Translations on IBM Z

    Generative AI comes to mainframe application modernization with a model trained on more than 80 code languages and 1.5 trillion tokens of data. IBM COBOL-to-Java translation. Image: IBM IBM announced today watsonx Code Assistant for Z, a generative AI-assisted solution for COBOL-to-Java mainframe application modernization. It opens up new use cases for watsonx Code Assistant, […] More

  • A programmer reskilling.

    Reskilling Is Inevitable as AI Changes How We Work

    Image: BalanceFormCreative/Adobe Stock Reskilling is a hot topic today, but what is it, when is it likely to happen and is it connected to the rise of generative artificial intelligence? Harvard Business Review published findings of a survey about how technology is changing what skills people need in the workplace — generative AI and big […] More

  • ChatGPT vs Google Bard (2023): An In-Depth Comparison

    ChatGPT vs Google Bard (2023): An In-Depth Comparison

    That is an in-depth comparability of ChatGPT vs Google Bard. Use our information to study extra about their distinctive capabilities and variations. ChatGPT and Google Bard are AI chatbots designed to generate responses to prompts. When used appropriately, ChatGPT and Google Bard can be utilized to help sure enterprise processes in content material manufacturing, growth […] More

  • Artificial intelligence writing code.

    31% of Organizations Using Generative AI Ask It To Write Code

    Code development, content creation and analytics are the top generative AI use cases. However, many enterprise users don’t trust gen AI to be private. Image: Vectors/Adobe Stock Forty percent of data analysis leaders currently use generative artificial intelligence in their work, including to write code, analytics platform company Alteryx found in a report released August […] More

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