20 Excel Shortcuts that you should know in 2023

20 Excel Shortcuts

Excel is a Powerful tool for data analysis, but learning how to use all of its features and Function Can take a lot of timed & effort. But, Excel offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can speed up and Enhance your work. In this blog post, You will learn 20 important Excel keyboard shortcuts which can significantly boost your productivity and simplify working with spreadsheets.

1. Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V)

Copying and pasting is a common task in Excel. Use Ctrl+C to copy selected cells, and Ctrl+V to paste the copied content in another location.

2. Cut (Ctrl+X) and Paste (Ctrl+V)

Similar to copying, you can also cut selected cells using Ctrl+X and paste them using Ctrl+V.

3. Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y)

Made a mistake? Press Ctrl+Z to undo your last action. Press Ctrl+Y to redo an action that you have just undone.

4. Select All (Ctrl+A)

To quickly select the entire worksheet, press Ctrl+A. This is handy when you want to apply a formatting or calculation to the entire dataset.

5. Bold (Ctrl+B), Italic (Ctrl+I), and Underline (Ctrl+U)

Need to emphasize certain cells? You can use these  below shortcuts to quickly apply formatting to your text.

6. Insert Current Date (Ctrl+;)

To insert the current date into a cell, press Ctrl+;. This is beneficial to calculate the duration of the Tasks

7. Insert Current Time (Ctrl+Shift+;)

Similar to date insertion, press Ctrl+Shift+; to insert the current time into a cell. This is very very useful when managing time sensitive operations

8. Hide (Ctrl+8) and Unhide (Ctrl+Shift+8)

If you need to temporarily hide or unhide rows or columns, use these shortcuts to streamline this process quickly.

9. AutoSum (Alt+=)

To quickly sum up a column or row of numbers, select the cell where you want the sum to appear, and press Alt+=. Excel will automatically apply the SUM function.

10. Insert Row (Ctrl+Shift++) and Insert Column (Ctrl+Shift+)

If you need to add a row or column in the worksheet These shortcuts will help you do it quickly and easily.You can add rows & columns by pressing CTRL + Shift + +.

11. Delete Row (Ctrl+-) and Delete Column (Ctrl+-)

If you need to remove a row or column in the worksheet These shortcuts will help you do it quickly and easily. You can remove rows & columns by pressing CTRL + Shift + -.

12. Show Formulas (Ctrl+\`)

If you have complex formulas in your worksheet, quickly toggle between formula and cell value views with this shortcut.

13. Find (Ctrl+F) and Replace (Ctrl+H)

If you need to search specific data in the spreadsheet, press Ctrl+F. and if you need to replace specific data with another value, press Ctrl+H.

14. Add Border (Ctrl+Shift+&)

By using this shortcut, you can quickly apply border formatting to selected cells,  It can helps to make your data stand out.

15. Format Cells (Ctrl+1)

Press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells dialog box. We can customize the formatting, font, number format, alignment, and more by using Format Cells dialog box

16. Open the Function Wizard (Shift+F3)

To quickly access the Function Wizard and insert a function into a cell, press Shift+F3. This is a very advanced feature of excel for performing advanced calculations.

17. Go to (Ctrl+G)

To navigate to a specific cell or range within your worksheet, press Ctrl+G, Click special and select the desired cell range, This is very useful shortcut of excel to fix error & remove blank rows in excel

18. New Worksheet (Shift+F11)

If you need to add a new worksheet in the Excel workbook, you can press Shift+F11. This is a handy shortcut to add a worksheet in excel. It can save time

19. Save (Ctrl+S)

On the working on the excel we should make a habit to save work regularly. CTRL+S is a shortcut to quickly save your Excel file.

20. Close Excel (Alt+F4)

To close Excel, press Alt+F4. This will save any unsaved work and exit the application.

Start using these 20 shortcuts for your regular Excel chores and observe how much more productive you become!

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